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Helping American Engineers Fully Participate
in the Political Process

Every day in America, politicians vote on laws that will directly impact the lives of engineers. Many of these laws involve highly technical issues; issues that engineers are uniquely qualified to comment on. The question is: how do you get your politicians to listen?

The first step in ensuring that politicians hear engineering voices is for engineers to vote. Voting is like joining a club. If you are a member, you can have a say in what the club does. If you are not, you can't. In this case, the club is the American electorate. Only members of the electorate, made up of the voting public (NOT the general public), get to have a say in how politicians act. If you don't belong, you simply don't have a voice.

This website is designed to help engineers join the American electorate club. Run by leading engineering associations, this site does not support specific politicians. It does not ask you to vote for specific people, and takes no stands on policy positions. Rather, this site helps engineers participate in elections without regard for how you chose to participate. It provides engineers with information on registering to vote and applying for absentee ballots. This site also contains information on when to vote, and on your state's other electoral deadlines.

This year, your local, state and federal governments will vote on legislation that directly affects you, your family and your profession. You can influence those decisions, but only if you are part of the club.

Help Engineer the Vote by joining the
American electorate today!

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Last Updated:  08 January 2008